EVO Soap Dodger Body Wash 10.1 oz


EVO Soap Dodger Body Wash 10.1 oz


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Damaging ingredients, harsh scents, chemicals (and that’s just the packaging); most modern products aren’t the sort of things you’d want to have pride of place in your bathroom. Evo Soap Dodger Body Wash is a massive exception, being a truly healthy shower gel that doesn’t dry out skin as it cleans. A fresh fragrance leaves skin feeling refreshed, making it one of the easier ways to shock yourself out of morning-zombie apathy. Evo Soap Dodger Body goes the natural route, understanding long-term skin health cant be achieved when bombarded with potentially damaging ingredients. So instead of Sulphates and Parabens, Soap Dodger uses Aloe Vera, for a truly soothing feeling of skin care. Its also a powerful source of hydration, instilling the formula with all the moisture that skin could possible need. Rub the desired amount of Evo Soap Dodger Body wash semi-vigorously across moist body. Rinse.

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