Affinage ASP Vitaplex Shampoo 275 ML.


Affinage ASP Vitaplex Shampoo 275 ML.


Vitaplex Shampoo has been specially developed to enhance the effects of your Vitaplex service. Formulated with RAV19 and nourishing Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Panthenol, this gentle sulphate-free, daily shampoo restores the hair, leaving it strong, supple and radiant. Colour Lock technology and UV filters help to extend colour life and protect against the environment.

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Affinage Vitaplex Shampoo was specially designed for home care after coloring with Vitaplex System. Mild, sulfate-free formula gently cleanses the hair, filling it with moisture and nourishing ingredients that help restore damaged areas of hair. Its main active ingredient is the proprietary RAV19 complex, which reconstructs damaged areas in the hair cortex, replacing lost amino acids. This complex mimics the 19 amino acids that are found in human hair, in the same sequence and in the same amount in which they are present in curls. It provides a powerful strengthening effect. Also, the shampoo contains shea butter, argan oil, and panthenol, which perfectly strengthen the hair structure, increasing strength, elasticity, and shine. The patented Color Lock technology and UV filters prolong the brightness and saturation of the color, protecting hair from the aggressive influence of environmental factors

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