Alfaparf Pigments Ash Gold Alfaparf Color 3 oz


Alfaparf Pigments Ash Gold Alfaparf Color 3 oz


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PIGMENTS can be used:
• In salon professional hair color services
• Create new shades
• Re-pigmentation
• In the color mixture to boost or correct the color result
• It can be used in any color brand

In salon professional texture services
• Enrich/correct color during a straightening, smoothing, or perm service
• To be mixed with: LISSE DESIGN or straightening or perming systems* (*only to be used in the neutralizers)
• In salon professional hair care services
• Revitalize color in a special treatment
• Customize color in all treatments
• Refresh a natural or cosmetic color
• Shine service
• To be mixed with: shampoo, masks, vials, water, any professional in-salon treatment

In salon professional styling services
• Enrich styling with color
• Can be mixed with: any styling product, such as mousse, gel, and paste

Patents Pending:
• First color in the market that can be used during a smoothing services
• The pure ultra concentrated pigments work on any pH level, whether it’s alkaline or acidic.

The PIGMENTS brand is composed of six pure ultra-concentrated pigments that are intermixable for endless in-salon customizations.
• Colors can be mixed together to create the perfect, customized shade.
• Intensity of the color can be calibrated by using different quantities of product.

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