Blowpro Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate 4.7 oz


Blowpro Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate 4.7 oz


Blowpro Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate 4.7 oz

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The root booster that delivers long-lasting volume exactly where you want it.

blowpro’s blow up root lift concentrate adds targeted, crunch-free weightless volume directly to the root, giving you ultimate styling control. Sweeping roots skyward, lackluster locks find life with every spritz. Whenever you need a lift, just spray, style and blow.

how it works

Reducing build-up and eliminating crunchy hair, blowpro blow up root lift concentrate works by restructuring hair from within. The customized applicator gives you ultimate control to achieve a targeted ‘lift’ without teasing or backcombing. blowpro’s powerful blend of milk and rice proteins prolongs the lifting action. Sweet almond protein improves luster and strength.

how to use

Apply blowpro blow up root lift concentrate to clean, damp hair in sections at the crown of your head. Aim the nozzle applicator close to the scalp and massage into the root to achieve a targeted lift. Brush hair upward as you blow dry.

blowpro tips

  • Spritz blowpro blow up root lift concentrate at the root section by section – blow drying each section fully (roots first, then mid-shaft to ends) before moving onto the next. When the crown area is done, add Velcro rollers to set each section. Spray blow up thickening mist from the mid-shaft to the ends for all over volume.
  • For captivating statement hair, wash with blow up daily volumizing shampoo and conditioner before applying a cocktail of blow up root lift concentrate and blow up thickening mist.


What sets blowpro apart from the rest? Developed, tested and proven by the experts at Blow, New York’s premier blow dry bar, blowpro hair care is formulated with an exclusive pure protein blend that is nourishing yet weightless – delivering all the protection you need and the lasting style you want. Blowpro products are also free of harsh sulfates, parabens & sodium chloride and are 100% keratin treatment compliant.

Co-polymer system

  • Increases the diameter of the hair shaft.

Pure Rice Protein

  • Adding body and fullness, rice protein conditions and plumps hair from within.


  • A leading ingredient in many hair styling products, keratin is the naturally occurring amino acid in human hair that strengthens and enhances condition.

Sweet Almond Protein (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis)

  • Adds body, conditions hair and is one of the few nutrients that stimulates hair growth.

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