BlowPro Hydra Quench Daily Hydrating Conditioner 32 oz


BlowPro Hydra Quench Daily Hydrating Conditioner 32 oz


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Hydra Quench conditioner BLOW PRO is the everyday hydration fix that thirsty hair’s been waiting for. To truly moisturize your hair, you need a product that promotes natural long-term hydration. Blowpro Hydra Quench daily hydrating conditioner‘s unique protein blend has been formulated to work with your hair. Strengthening and hydrating each strand adds long-lasting shine and manageability. Model 094922345134, Format 32 oz. Value 35$

how it works

The soy and corn protein blend found in Blowpro’s Hydra Quench daily hydrating conditioner has been uniquely formulated and balanced to help hair hold onto essential moisture and nutrients. Phytokeratin complex goes deep inside the hair shaft, plumping hair to give it a smooth, shiny appearance. Free of harsh sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride, Hydra Quench daily hydrating conditioner strengthens and moisturizes hair with every application.

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