Fuel Air-Pump Paste 3.38 Oz.


Fuel Air-Pump Paste 3.38 Oz.


This paste provides maximum hold in a matte finish.

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Short hair doesn’t have to be difficult to maintain and style. The search is over for a maximum-hold product without dealing with a glossy and glue-like finish. Air-Pump Paste offers up a matte-finish with a strong hold, versatile enough to create styles that require maximum hold or for difficult to manage hair. Go puckless! The days of having product stuck underneath your fingertips and slivers of hair left in your puck are over. Fuel’s revolutionary Air-Pump technology allows you to dispense without the mess with a simple tap to the tilt-valve nozzle. Eliminating the need for a stylist to double dip, this delivery system provides a sanitary solution at your fingertips.

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