ikoo Dry Shampoo Foam Boost & Refresh 5.1 Oz


ikoo Dry Shampoo Foam Boost & Refresh 5.1 Oz


Our unique foaming dry shampoos are basically magic in a can. It works without water but help cleanse your hair from dirt and oils to give you that just-washed-virgin-hair-feeling. No more leftover powder residue, just gorgeous, long-lasting hair for days.

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Dry Shampoo Foam Color Boost & Refresh works without water. Cleanses dirt and oils without the powdery residue. Works extra hard by helping to protect colored and damaged hair for a brilliant shine.
A signature note of lavender, orange blossom, and bergamot embodies a romantic allure that will attract strangers to scooch over and take a long sniff.

Lichiderm: An active ingredient that assists in protecting hair from the nasty rays of the sun as well as free radicals.
-Silicone Free
-Micro Plastic Free
-Cruelty-Free Vegan
-PETA Approved


1. Shake shake shake!
2. Spray a walnut-sized amount onto the palm
3. Spread the foam at the roots
4. Comb out the foam to spread evenly through
5. Blow dry or allow to dry

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