Ikoo’s Paddle X Pops Brushes- LOVE AFFAIR

Ikoo’s Paddle X Pops Brushes- LOVE AFFAIR


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ikoo’s Paddle X Pops Brushes can tame stubborn hair just like its bigger sister. Made primarily for anyone with shorter hair or as a travel companion, our this brush can detangle, style, and coif your hair into voluminous submission. This classic collection remains a must-have even in a world full of shifting trends.

Features & Benefits:
Smaller size that is good for travel and shorter hair
Connected with a secure attachment system—giving them that extra fabulous feature of being cruelty-free and vegan
Made of acrylic, which allows for easy cleaning with just soap and water
Fits the hand regardless if you’re left or right-handed.


Start with wet or dry hair.
Brush from the root to the tip in swift strokes while following the direction of your brush with your hairdryer.
Repeat till hair is dry, smooth, and silky.
Easily clean with soap and water if necessary.

Never point the hair dryer directly on the brush for long periods to prevent bristles from melting and to preserve its longevity.

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