Kenra Simply Blonde No Ammonia Lightener


Kenra Simply Blonde No Ammonia Lightener


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Kenra Color Simply Blonde No Ammonia Lightener is an ammonia & fragrance-free lightener. Formulated with DualBond Complex to help protect the hair during lightening services by enforcing strong bonds. Blonding you can trust!

DualBond offers the added protection and benefits of inner and outer bonding. Simply Blonde lighteners with DualBond Complex help mend the inner cuticle while simultaneously protecting and sealing the outer cuticle.

The result? Enforced bonds and reduced breakage vs lighteners formulated without DualBond. Hair is healthy-looking post-service.


  1. Mix Kenra Color Simply Blonde No Ammonia Lightener with Kenra Color Creme Developer 10V-20V for on and off-scalp applications, or 10V-30V for off-scalp applications.
  2. Mix in a ratio of 1:1 up to 1:3 for desired consistency.
  3. Apply to dry, unwashed hair immediately after mixing.
  4. For best results, apply the product generously. Avoid applying the formula to previously lightened hair.
  5. Process up to 45 minutes. Do not use heat.
  6. Rinse thoroughly after processing.
  7. Shampoo & condition with appropriate Kenra Professional® care products.

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