Malibu Wellness REHABILIT8 Protein Conditioner 1 Liter


Malibu Wellness REHABILIT8 Protein Conditioner 1 Liter


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Designed to deeply penetrate damaged, unmanageable hair in desperate need of conditioning, this Concentr8 Mixer seeks out only the weak strands and replenishes amino acids to prevent further breakage for improved strength, resilience, and elasticity.


  1. Following shampooing, apply Malibu C Rehydr8 Moisture Conditioner or a customized Concentr8 Cocktail throughout hair and allow to process for at least 2 minutes, then rinse.
  2. For a customized cocktail, blend Rehydr8 Conditioner with Rehabilit8 Protein Conditioner and/or Illumin8 Oil Conditioner in desired rations to create a personalized mixer designed exclusively for each client.

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