Maria Nila Colour Refresh Lavender 9.22, 10.1 Oz.”


Maria Nila Colour Refresh Lavender 9.22, 10.1 Oz.”


Our intense shades are extra rich in pigments and can be used alone or mixed with White Mix for a pastel result.

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A nourishing colour masque with non-permanent colour pigments that will quickly freshen up your hair. The masque moisturises and reduces frizz for a silky smooth and shiny result. All colours can be diluted with our White Mix to create pastel colours. Or simply mix two different colours to create your own unique colour. Colour Refresh is perfect to use between the colour sessions at the salon or for special events.

Directions:  Wash your hair with shampoo, rinse and towel-dry to prepare your hair for the treatment. Use gloves and apply the Colour Refresh evenly throughout your hair or on sections where you want the colour, using fingers or a comb. Leave in for 3-10 minutes depending on the desired intensity. Rinse with water to get rid of any excess colour and finish off with conditioner. The colour stays in for about 4-10 washes depending on the quality and colour of your hair.

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