Redavid Volumizer Thickening Spray, 8.4 Oz


Redavid Volumizer Thickening Spray, 8.4 Oz


Volumizer Thickening Spray with Dynagen-R – This bodifying volumizer won’t just lift flat hair to new heights, it’ll plump and strengthen each strand along the way, leaving hair soft to the touch.

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-Plumps and thickens hair of any length
-Creates airy and amplified volume
-Recommended for Flat hair that needs a little oomph!

Hold Factor: 3 | Shine Factor: 3


5 Steps For a Better Blowout
The Blowout Bar trend is here to say and the desire for great finishing has never been greater in salon. Sometimes our skills can get a little rusty…so here’s some tips to give your clients the best blowout EVER:
Always start with clean hair with the REDAVID shampoo and conditioner appropriate for the condition of their hair.
Apply an appropriate styling product to damp hair. If their hair is fine use REDAVID Volumizer. If the hair is course or wavy, use a curl cream, such as REDAVID Orchid Oil Curl Defining Crème.
Focus on the hairline. Use a round brush, and take your time. Concentrate on this area, because that’s what people will see first.
Dry hair in 1 to 2-inch sections. This is the most important step and one often skipped. Remember to always point the dryer nozzle down from root to tip, to ensure a silkier style.
Flat iron to finish. Again, separate hair into 2-inch sections. Make sure you start close to the scalp.

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