Visibly Brighter Skin is Just Around the Corner!

Visibly Brighter Skin is Just Around the Corner!

Finally! Visibly brighter skin is attainable! We have added to our product line a Dermalogica product that really works. The ChromaWhite TRx visibly brightens your skin, minimizes the appearance of hyper pigmentation and improves your skin tone.

ChromaWhite TRx was tested by the very best Estheticians. After introducing the product in our spa treatment rooms, results were astounding. Clients noted that their skin appeared to be much brighter. The dark spot lightened, skin became more toned and pores got smaller. Even fine lines were smoother, especially around the eye area.

Due to the overwhelming success of this product, we recommended that our clients continue treatment at home. Clients have praised ChromaWhite TRx and most are happily noticing additional results (results typical within 30 days). This makes the ChromaWhite TRx ideal for at home care.

The ChromaWhite TRx kit includes:
Tri-Active Cleanser (5.1 oz-full size)
Powerfoliant (one vial)
C-12 Concentrate (1 oz- full size)
Extreme C (0.02 oz/ 0.5g)
Pure Light SPF (1.7 oz-full size)
Pure Night (0.34 oz / 10 ml)

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